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Milana Ricci, Jade Baker, and Sabina Rouge are the detention home’s newest intakes. Penny Pax, the house admin, lays down the rules. Penny singles out Sabina as a potential troublemaker and tries to nip it in the bud, but all she does is piss Sabina off. When Penny sends the girls upstairs to get ready for dinner, Sabina takes the opportunity to try to rally Milana and Jade onto her side. Milana is frightened of Penny, but Sabina convinces them that they will get the house back through intentional disobedience. The girls wind up going down to dinner as ordered, but in their bras and underwear out of protest. There’s no one in the dining room, so they reconvene in the rec room. Sabina tries to bolster the girls’ spirits about owning the house, but Jade takes that opportunity to share that she’s just really disappointed there’s no dick for the duration of their stay. She’s just so horny pretty much all the time. Sabina points out that they don’t need dick to have entertainment, then draws Milana and Jade in for a kiss. Sabina and Milana latch on to Jade’s big boobs, popping them from her bra so they can lick and suck them. As Sabina drops to her knees to enjoy the musk of Jade’s twat, Milana peels off her own bra to go tit to tit with Jade. Milana winds up in the middle as Sabina gets to her feet and comes in from behind with a spanking and plenty of kisses and caresses. Relocating to the couch, Sabina drops to her knees in front of Milana to eat her out while Jade rubs Milana’s clit and tickles her breasts with her tongue. She finally cums as Sabina finger bangs her while Jade rubs her clit until she squirts. The girls discover that the couch is a futon, which gives them more room to maneuver as Sabina takes her turn in the middle. On her back with Milana’s face buried between her thighs, Sabina feasts on Jade’s creamy fuck hole as the raven haired coed rides her mouth. Eventually Jade hops off Sabina’s face and gives Sabina’s titties a lingering massage before swapping spots with Milana. Milana returns to the middle next, with Sabina scissoring her from behind and Jade spreading her thighs for Milana to eat her out. The trio finishes by putting Milana between Sabina and Jade and fingering her until she once again squirts her delight everywhere. It turns out that there is still fun to be had, even in the detention home.

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